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Resources for Learning Poqomchi' (Mayan)

There are very few Poqomchi' resources in English, so if you want to learn Poqomchi', it is helpful to know Spanish. It's worth noting that many older resources use the SIL orthography, where velar [k] is represented as 'c' or 'qu' and uvular [q] as 'k'.

Many of the following resources (where noted) can be downloaded for free from the Comunidad Lingüística Poqomchi' page of the website of the Academia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala (ALMG).

My personal go-to resources are Dobbels' (2003) dictionary and Mó Isém's (2006) thesis. For getting natural input, I mostly rely on the Comunidad Lingüística Poqomchi's YouTube channel, Facebook page, and podcast, as well as the Sociedad Bíblica de Guatemala audio Bible. Note that I originally learned K'iche' which has a very similar structure and a lot more learner-friendly resources, and I am familiar with Mayan languages in general as a linguist, so I had a leg up on the grammar by the time I started learning Poqomchi'. I would probably tell a beginner to start with Ramirez and Ramirez's (1994) manual or Mó Isém's (2010) pedagogical grammar, if you can find either of them, though you'll quickly find you need to supplement with other resources.

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Faith Comes By Hearing has audio Bibles in several translations. These include the written text, which makes it easier to follow along or pause to look up a word. These are also available on the Bible.is mobile app.

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